Metcalf Infant Research Lab
Recruiting ages 5 months to 18 months
PI: Dr. James Morgan

The Metcalf Infant Research Lab conducts research on how infants learn language. If you listen to a conversation in a foreign language, it often sounds as if people are speaking very fast, with one word running into the next. At least initially for babies, their native language must sound the same way. We are looking to see what helps infants to figure out where a word begins and ends and also what helps them to recognize that words are the same when they are spoken at different times, by different people, in different emotional tones, and so on.

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The Child Language Lab
Recruiting ages 18 months to 30 months
PI: Dr. Katherine Demuth

The Child Language Lab conducts research on how children learn language. Children often pronounce words in non-adult ways, sometimes leaving off syllables, or changing some sounds into others. We are interested in finding out why children say words the way they do, and how this differs from language to language. To do this we are looking at children's early language production and how it develops over time.

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Causality and Mind Lab
Recruiting ages 24 months through 5 years
PI: Dr. David Sobel

The Causality and Mind Lab conducts research on how children understand causal relations in the world. As adults, we know a lot about how the world works: we can make predictions about future events, explain past events, and reason about events that could have happened, but didn't. We are looking at toddlers' and preschoolers' understanding of the causal structure of the world. Are children able to make inferences about what caused events to happen? Of particular interest is what happens when children encounter a causal relation they have never seen before. We investigate what kinds of inferences children will make.

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